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NOVEMBER 13-15, 2017

Victor Wang

Victor got started tinkering with tech at age six, programming role-playing games for MS-DOS. He worked in telemarketing, environmental research, aerospace manufacturing, particle physics, oil sands, medical robotics, and the Canadian armed forces before heading to MIT for grad school. At MIT, funded by the National Space Biomedical Research Institute and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, he worked on clinical research as well as novel characterizations of human-machine interaction for NASA’s space telerobotics program. Inspired by his family’s caregiving experience, Victor founded, and has led the company to win many accolades such as the Mature Market Resource Center’s Gold Award for Health Products, Services, and Programs, and being showcased at the US Senate Healthy Aging Forum. The company provides a unique digital avatar solution for patient support and care coordination, and works with both PACE health plans and hospital systems to improve care and control costs, across the continuum of care. A recent clinical study of hospitalized elders presented at the IAGG World Congress and at the NICHE Annual Conference showed 70-85% fall rate reduction and significant mitigation of delirium due to avatars providing beside support and engaging patients in evidence-based protocols. A recognized leader in healthcare and senior care innovation, Victor’s been an invited speaker at TEDMED, Stanford Medicine X, and other such conferences, and often guest lectures at institutions such as Texas Medical Center and Stanford Graduate School of Business. He is an author in the new textbook Using Technology to Improve Care of Older Adults by Springer Publishing.


A dizzying array of technologies are available to prevent and mitigate the risk of falls in various settings and through various approaches. In this session, risk of falls in various settings, and through various approaches. In this session, risk of falls in various settings, and through various approaches. In this session, risk of falls in various settings, and through various approaches. In this session, attendees will learn a practical framework through which to identify gaps in organizational fall prevention capabilities and to select the right technology for their needs. Once the right technology is identified, the approach to implementation is key, and this session will outline real-world examples of organizational, technical, and other challenges often encountered in the implementation of such technology-driven solutions to falls, along with examples of how to overcome these challenges both in institutional and community-based settings. To illustrate many of the discussed topics and deployment approach, an avatar-enabled fall prevention technology will be demonstrated with audience participation.

· Benchmark the landscape of fall prevention technologies
· Assess technical, clinical, organizational and cultural challenges in technology adoption
· Explore solutions to overcome/mitigate the above challenges
· Join a live demo of an avatar technology that incorporates solutions into its design and deployment approach

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Victor.

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