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NOVEMBER 13-15, 2017

Linda Goodman

Professional Development Specialist
Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

Linda Goodman has been a registered nurse for 32 years on the Johns Hopkins Bayview Campus. The first 19 years were spent in Neonatal Intensive Care as the Advanced Clinical Nurse Educator. Linda received her Associate Degree in Nursing from Essex Community College and her Bachelor Degree in Nursing and Master of Science in Nursing Education from the University of Maryland.
Linda moved to a campus-wide education role in 2001 as a Nursing Professional Development Specialist and has held ANCC certification in Nursing Professional Development for the past 10 years. She is the Senior Clinical Administrator of the on-line learning management system for Johns Hopkins Bayview.
She serves on many campus-wide committees covering diverse topics including regulatory compliance, point-of-care laboratory testing, and patient care policy. Linda has served on the Fall/Restraints Advisory Committee for the past 14 years and took over as chairperson 3 years ago. She is also a member of the Fall Prevention Strategic Committee that focuses on preventing falls in the community.
In this capacity she began a campaign to decrease falls across the Bayview campus. This campaign led to the focus on fall reduction in the difficult gero-psych unit that had more falls than the rest of the campus combined. Our success soon evolved into our campus-wide Quest for Zero Falls program.
Linda has presented on regulatory compliance at the Health Stream annual conference and has had a poster presentation on fall prevention at the Maryland Patient Safety Annual Meeting and safe point-of-care testing at the Johns Hopkins Patient Safety Summit.


Fall prevention is a focus in every patient care setting in the United States and across the world. While the safety of our patients is our primary concern, fall prevention is a focus in other areas of hospital operations as well. There are regulatory mandates that must be met to maintain accreditation. The financial impact of falls with injury may seem obvious on the surface, but the impact goes much deeper than extended length of stay. What about the impact of falls where no injury occurs? While no one wants their patient to fall, a deeper understanding is needed to drive home the true cost, to hospitals, staff members, and patients, of healthcare related falls.

·         Identify the full financial impact of patient falls
·         Comply with fall related regulatory mandates
·         Identify patient conditions beyond those addressed by a screening tool that can increase fall risk

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Linda.

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